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Garri ijebu (50kg)


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Garri is probably the most popular Nigerian staple, with different versions of taste, grain size, and color. Ijebu Garri is a special type of Garri that has the smoothest whole grain Garri with a unique sour taste. It is a favorite across Nigeria. It is produced in the western part of Nigeria and owes its name to the Ijebu township in Ogun state.Buy the export quality Ijebu Garri at the bulk price and share with friends and family, delivered to your and their doorsteps or together if you want to save on shipping cost.(Cassava Meal) has one of the highest amounts of fiber compared to other sources of food you can find. This means that eating Garri (made from cassava) can help your digestion, burn fat and give you more energy.
High fiber foods are also known to make you get full very quickly and help reduce the risk of obesity. The fiber is Garri can also help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as help you control your blood sugar. Ijebu Garri is one of the varieties of Garri in west Africa, Its produced mainly by the Yoruba people of Ijebu Origin in Nigeria. It has a pleasantly sour taste that is great for soaking – when you add cold water, room temperature water, and or milk and groundnuts, eaten with a spoon as cereal. Foods that contain a high amount of trans fats can put you at risk of many health issues including heart problems, strokes, and hypertension. One way to fight this is to eat foods like Gari, which has very low fat. In addition to that, Gari also has a higher amount of protein when compared to other tropical foods like potatoes and yam.
Also, Gari is free of gluten, which makes it an excellent choice for food preparation meant for people with celiac disease.  


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